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This website has been going since 2006, but as I no longer live in Bariloche I find it more and more difficult to keep it updated.
You may find alternative and more up to date trekking information on this website:

Bariloche Trekking Logistics

This is Argentina... prices go up, companies go out of business, local buses aren't always reliable...
Do your own on the ground research as well!

Getting Around

Public Bus system around Bariloche:

Pick up a complete bus timetable at the Tourist Info Centre in the Centro Civico in the heart of Bariloche, or ask at your hotel or hostel before heading out as the services and timetables are subject to change; for online timetables see below. You will need a prepaid card to use the bus service, it's called a SUBE card, the same used in Buenos Aires and other cities around Argentina. I don't state bus prices as they go up so frequently. You can find where to purchase a SUBE card, and where to add credit on this website. Just type 'Bariloche' in the search box and it will show you a map with all the locations to buy and recharge the SUBE card.

The buses you will use to get to the trail heads are:

Bus route maps can be found here: Mibus

The official Bariloche website also has some bus info.

Tourist bus services

Bariloche - Pampa Linda: There are tourist services daily during the summer months, in the morning (about 8.00am - confirm before travel), returning in the evening (5pm - confirm before travel). Ask at 'Transtando lo Natural' opposite Club Andino for prices and timetable. Buy your tickets in advance, especially in the high season. Enquire for departures out of season which may as there may no be any unless there is enough demand. NO ticket office in Pampa Linda but you may be able to buy tickets on the bus in Pampa Linda subject to space - enquire in Bariloche before heading out. Enquire at the Otto Meiling and Paso de la Nubes Refuges as they may also offer bus ticket sales.

Nahuel Huapi National Park Office national park office

Free information about the trekking options in the National Park, weather forecast and trek registration.

Address: Av. San Martín 24. (it's the large stone building on the corner of the block)
Tel: 0294 - 4423111 ext. 113
Tel: 0294 - 4422 479 (24 hours - emergency)
Opening Hours (Summer): Monday - Friday: 8am - 4pm / Weekends 10am - 4pm

Pampa Linda (Tronador)
There is also a small information office in Pampa Linda where you can also register your trek intentions if starting your trek from there.

Register your trek intentions with the
National Park Authority


Trekking Registration

There is a free and compulsory trekking registration form that should be completed each time you go treking in the Nahuel Huapi National Park. The information you provide not only gives statistics for the National Park Office but more importantly provides a record of your intended route if you were to have an accident in the mountains.

IMPORTANT: The details you provide are merely a record of your intended route. Nobody checks to see if you actually completed your intended route, the forms are not monitored. Always ensure you leave your route details and intended return date with someone reliable who can alert the emergency services should you not return.

You can register in person at the following locations: The National Park Office in downtown Bariloche & the National Park Office in Pampa Linda (for those doing the Refugio Otto Meiling / Paso de la Nubes trek) Fill the form out online:

You can also fill out the form online

General Resources

Water Sources:

Is the stream water safe to drink? As with any mountain region where lots of people trek, there will be pollution of water sources. The refuges provide safe drinking water; whilst out on the trails I would recommend treating water from streams. Recommended water filter: Sawyer Mini Filter (really small, practical & affordable!)

Mountain Safety

There is no permenant rescue helicopter in Bariloche. In an emergency you can contact one of the following numbers here. Cell phones have very limited signal in the Mountains. GPS communications devices are one option, but are quite expensive:

The Spot GEN3 Satellite GPS Tracker/Messenger provides unlimited tracking (subscription required) & the Ocean Signal RescueME Personal Locator Beacon (PLB) has a 7 year battery life.


Check the weather before you trek. This is the weather forecast for the Cerro Catedral Ski Resort

Mountain Guides

If you are looking for a Mountain Guide try here: Asociación Argentina de Guías de Montaña (AAGM)

Need something repaired?

Useful Links

Club Andino Bariloche

Official Bariloche Tourist website:

Local Council website (in Spanish):

Bariloche Museum PDF (Located in the Centro Civico)

Gear Stores

Be aware that due to importation tax, prices will be a lot higher than in North America or Europe and there will be less variety! Some of these shops may close lunch time for siesta! Gas for stoves most commonly comes in Canister form (Butane/Propane mix). Other fuel might be available: Euro camping - Address: Roland 257 - MSR gas: Samay Huasi- Address: Morales 436 - White Gas. Water purification tablets are hard to come by and expensive: Is the stream water safe to drink? As with any mountain region where lots of people trek, there will be pollution of water sources. The refuges provide safe drinking water; whilst out on the trails I would recommend treating water from streams found in the more popular areas and taking other water sources on a case by case basis depending on the stream source.

La Bolsa del Deporte -

Address: Moreno 965, Tel: 4433111
Facebook page

They sell new and second hand equipment, clothing, footware, accessories, skis/snowboards.

Raid (they RENT equipment)

Address: Mitre 860
They sell new & second hand equipment, clothing, footware, accessories, skis/snowboards.
RENT: outdoor equipment, tents/sleeping bags/crampons/ice axes etc.


Address: Moreno 107, Tel: 443-3072


Address: Mitre 219 - This is the biggest store in Bariloche.

The North Face

Address: Quaglia 274, Tel: 4430975
North Face clothing, footware & equipment

Columbia & Mountain Hardware

Address: Mitre 570 (street just past the LAN airline office)

Patagonia Anglers

Address: Moreno 205, Tel: 4427353
Maps, Gas Canisters, Camping , Fishing & Outdoor equipment

The Outdoor Company

Address: Moreno 102 (on the corner with Quaglia street), Tel: 4421924

The information contained on this website is no substitute for a qualified Mountain Guide and the site author accepts no responsibility for inaccurate or outdated information (nor omission of information), nor any accident or injury sustained while carrying out the treks described here. This website has no affiliation to any of the refuges, businesses or organisations named withing it. All times and distances are approximate.