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Volcano Lanin - Volcano Villarica Traverse

A 7 day cross border trek with three Volcano Summits. I personally did this trail in 2001 and this page hasn't been updated much since then! Do lots of research and go prepared.

A copy of the Lanin National Park - Volcano Lanin brochure can be found here


On the Argentina / Chile Border between San Martin de los Andes (Argentina) and Pucon (Chile). This is a combination of the Lanin & Villarica routes described on other pages and a 2383m high Volcano that lies between them.

At a glance

Duration: 7+ days
Distance: 100+ km's
Ascent: 6000+ m
Start: Volcano Lanin
Finish: Volcano Villarica
Difficulty: Hard
Access: Medium
Park Entrance $: ??
Notes: Spectacular trek between volcanoes


Aoneker 1:100,000 Vn. Villarica y Vn. Quetrupillan


From Junin de los Andes or San martin de Los Andes the bus via Hito Paso Mahuil Malal to Curarrehue & Pucon. Get off at Guarderia Tromen. If coming from Pucon 'Igi Llaima' has buses doing this route: There is no public transport at the ski resort at the base of Volcano Villarica, I don't think there is a public phone either (?), so be prepared to hitch from the limited trafic at the ski resort or have a 15km walk back to Pucon!



Day 1: Transport to Guarderia Tromen and ascent to Refuge (NOTE: Ice Axe, Crampons and VHF radio are obligitorio for the ascent of Volcano Lanin)
Day 2: Ascent to summit of Lanin and descent to Guarderia Tromen
Day 3: Trek across border (Argentina and Chile immigrations) and camp at Laguna las Abutardas (this involves and long and quite boring trek along a grave road)
Day 4: Trek to base of Volcano Quetrupillan camp past Lago Azul
Day 5: Ascent of Quetrupillan and trek to Porteria Quetrupillan
Day 6: Trek to Voipur Camp on West slope of Villarica
Day 7: Early morning start, ascent of Villarica (NOTE: There is no public transport from the base of Villarica to Pucon)

This is a fantastic traverse that is infrequently walked. Many people will be encountered on Lanin and Villarica but very few in between. Map reading and route finding skills needed for this 7 day self supported trek.

Alternative to catch bus across border between Argentina and Chile, but you will probably need to book in advance and arrange pick up at Guarderia Tromen, as they need the passenger list for the Immigration controls and bus can be full.

Depending upon time of year, Ice Axe and Crampons may be need for all trek, NOTE: Ice Axe, Crampons and VHF radio are obligitorio for the ascent of Volcano Lanin

Only shop (need to confirm this) en route will at Guarderia Tromen. Remember you can't bring fruit and fresh produce (ham, cheese etc) into Chile.

On day 1 water may be limited & dirty on Lanin, take what you need or allow for melting snow.

On day 6 water is VERY limited around the base of Villarica. What water this is may be very dirty (undrinkable).

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Volcano Lanin from near the international border Walking through the forest to Laguna Avutardas Camping at Laguna Avutardas Approaching Volcano Quetrupillan Near Cerro los Pinos Lanin back in the distance Looking up Volacn Villarica On the summit of Volcano Villarica


lanin quetrupillan villarica trek

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