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This website has been going since 2006, but as I no longer live in Bariloche I find it more and more difficult to keep it updated.
You may find alternative and more up to date trekking information on this website:

Before heading into the mountains check up-to-date trail info, & register your trek intentions with the National Park office in Bariloche, Pampa Linda or online.

Refugio Agostino Rocca Treks (Paso de la Nubes)

A newest refugio in the national park which was built on Paso de las Nubes in April 2013 and has replaced the campsite that was in the valley floor. Open from November to April each year.

Refugio Agostini Rocca

Elevation: 1400m
2019/20 Prices
Rates: AR$ 1280 night (individual bed in shared room - bring your own sleeping bag)
Dinner: AR$ 560 - $1120
Breakfast AR$ 560
Use of kitchen AR$ 480 per person
Camping AR$ 300+(??) per person ( includes use of refuge and toilets)
Use of shower: AR$ 650
Sleepig bag rental AR$ 400

Contact details (from CAB website):, Mariano Sebesta Tel.:(0294) 154659503
Frequently Asked Questions:

Sendero Lago Ortiz Busualado & Laguna Los Clavos (PDF in Spanish).

Refugio Agostino Rocca Routes:

The Normal Route to Refugio Agostino Rocca (Paso de las Nubes)  Refugio Agostino Rocca

A beautiful 2 day trek mainly through trees from Pampa Linda over Paso de las Nubes to Puerto Frias. (Consider combining with the Refugio Otto Meiling). The trail may not be open until January each year due to the amount of rain/snow melt meaning the valley on the other side of the pass is waterlogged and impassable.

Duration: 4 - 6 hours one way
Distance: 14 km's
Ascent: 600m
Start: Pampa Linda
Finish: Refugio Agostino Rocca
Difficulty: Easy
Access: Medium - One tourist bus per day
Park Entrance $: AR$ 400
Notes: If continuing to Lago Frias, check boat times and prices before heading out
The Route

Comming soon ... in the meantime check out the Official National Park guide (PDF) in spanish


The first part of the trail passes close to the river, then there will be limited option until arriving to the Refugio.

Is the stream water safe to drink? As with any mountain region where lots of people trek, there will be pollution of water sources. The refuges provide safe drinking water; whilst out on the trails I would recommend treating water from streams. Recommended water filter: Sawyer Mini Filter (really small, practical & affordable!)


Bariloche - Pampa Linda: There are tourist services daily during the summer months, in the morning (about 8.30am - confirm before travel), returning in the evening (5pm - confirm before travel). Ask opposite Club Andino at Transitando lo Natural for prices and timetable also Travel Light offer services. Buy your tickets in advance, especially in the high season. Enquire for departures out of season which may as there may no be any unless there is enough demand. NO ticket office in Pampa Linda but you may be able to buy tickets on the bus in Pampa Linda subject to space - enquire in Bariloche before heading out. Enquire at the Otto Meiling and Paso de la Nubes Refuges as they may also offer bus ticket sales.

Boat back to Bariloche from Lago Frias. Check carefull the boat time and purchase your ticket in advance. $960 per person (April 2017),

Refugio Agostino Rocca to Lago Frias

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Duration: #
Distance: #
Ascent: 0m
Start: Refugio Agostino Rocca
Finish: Lago Frias
Difficulty: Easy
Access: Hard - one boat per day
Park Entrance $: None
Notes: Check boat times and prices before setting out
The Route

Coming soon

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Map for Refugio Agostino Rocca Treks

The Normal Route to Refugio Agostino Rocca (Paso de las Nubes)  Refugio Agostino Rocca

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